Arkansas Campaign to Prevent Unplanned Pregnancy

Our Philosophy

We aim to educated young adults on contraception—the different methods, their effectiveness, and where to find them. Our philosophy is that if young adults are provided information on birth control and sexual health, they will be able to make mature decisions about their future. By planning if and when they choose to become parents, they are able to follow their dreams and stay in school to receive a degree or certificate. Our youth will one day become contributing members to society,  and it is our obligation to prepare them for this responsibility!

Our Mission is to Prevent Unplanned Pregnancies Among Young Adults in Arkansas

Arkansas has the highest rates of unplanned pregnancies and teen births in the nation.
In Our State

The value of a college education is clear. Individuals who go on to receive a degree are more likely to build a career, receive higher salaries, and pay taxes. However, students who face an unplanned pregnancy often encounter many obstacles in continuing their education. Difficulties faced may include balancing time and energy between the obligations of raising a family, school work, and potentially a job. Other challenges may be additional costs of a child while paying for school. Those who are unable to continue their education because of these obstacles are more likely to face economic and social challenges throughout life.

  • % of Teens are Sexually Active by Age 18

  • % of Teens Use Contraceptives

  • % of Teen Births in Ages 18-19

  • % of All Pregnancies are Unplanned

Just a Few of Your Advocates

We are group of passionate people who are continuing the conversation on pregnancy prevention that will change lives for Arkansas young adults.

Angela Taylor-Lasiter

President of the Board
Angela has led implementation of Arkansas legislation to prevent unplanned pregnancies among young adults on college campuses in her capacity at the Arkansas Department of Higher Education. She is a Master’s Candidate in 2017 and researching schools to start her doctoral work.

Dr. Roger Guevara

Vice President of the Board
Roger is an accomplished leader in the education field with more than 30 years working with young adults. He became involved in the development of an action plan for Arkansas in 2015 & has been an outspoken advocate for educating young adults on birth control options, including abstinence.

Bradley Planey

Treasurer of the Board
Bradley, Arkansas Department of Health, has been a key player for many years to combat the growing numbers of teen births & unplanned pregnancies through education & access to resources. His contributions to Act 943 & to reducing unplanned pregnancies has been remarkable.

Madeleine Parrish

Secretary of the Board
Madeleine is a recent college graduate from UCA with a B.S. in Biology & Psychology. She became interested in this work while volunteering as a student ambassador with the Act 943 Working Group. She has since worked to raise awareness among young adults using social media tools.


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