4 Reasons Why We’re Thankful for Birth Control

With Thanksgiving this month, I’ve taken the time to talk to some lovely women about birth control and why we love it. While that turned out to be a long list, we chose the top four reasons why we’re thankful for birth control.

  1. Because it helps keep my skin clear. Let’s face it. Acne is not fun. Doesn’t matter if you’re a teenager or an adult, no one wants to wake up in the morning to find a mountain on the end of their nose. But when those pesky pimples are hormone related, birth control can help keep them away. Yay, birth control!
  2. Because it helps me not have terrible periods and cramps. Some of us have intense periods, either hemorrhaging an unsafe amount of blood or being debilitated by extremely painful cramps (or both… yikes!). The hormones in birth control can sometimes help alleviate these symptoms by regulating your period or stopping it all together. Sounds like something to be thankful for!
  3. Because it helps me pursue my dreams. Whether you’re still in school or starting a career, a baby could be an added complication that you’re wanting to avoid. Homework and work-work take a lot of focus, which is why many of us choose to put off starting a family, so we can follow our dreams without the distractions. Thanks, birth control!
  4. Because I’m not ready for kids (yet). Sometimes it’s nice to have sex, whether it’s a one-nighter or long-term relationship. But it can be hard to get in the mood when you’re worried about getting pregnant before you’re ready to become a parent. Being able to have stress-free sex is why we love birth control!


A big appreciation for these anonymous supporters who chose to be open and honest about why they love birth control! We are thankful for you!

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