Let’s (not) Make a Baby!

On August 23, the Arkansas Campaign to Prevent Unplanned Pregnancy drove up to West Memphis with a trunk full of boxes with t-shirts, koozies, condoms, and a plethora of information  on birth control options. While there, we had two tables at ASU Mid-South’s Week of Welcome Resource Fair and plans of spreading the word on the prevention of unplanned pregnancy. The turnout was beyond our wildest expectations!

Any time college students are given the opportunity to get free stuff, they’re going to be there (because who doesn’t want a free t-shirt?!). But we were amazed by the excitement we received for the more serious items– the tear sheets comparing birth control methods, the postcards with details on each type, and especially the condoms. The students were open and honest about their relationships and life at school, their questions and experiences with birth control, and their new chance to learn about the types of contraception offered. We even had several parents stop by to show their appreciation for our cause and to pick up information and tips on how to talk to their kids about safe sex. The Arkansas Campaign may only have been on campus for an afternoon, but we imagine the conversation will continue into the future.

Representative Ferguson and Chancellor Dr. West were a major help and support all afternoon. We cannot begin to express our gratitude for these strong, bright women with an interest in the futures of our state’s youth. We would also like to thank all the students and parents who showed up, and we hope our presence there will help with planning if and when they choose to become parents.


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