Arkansans for Healthy Young Adults

This organization has a vision of young adult Arkansans being healthy: physically and mentally.  In the coming months, look to hear and see how we will be evolving and answering a call to become active in this discussion. Until then…


In the generation of Tinder, Netflix & chill, and ghosting, it’s hard to define and identify what love is. Merriam-Webster defines love as “(1) strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties; (2) attraction based on sexual desire; affection and tenderness felt by lovers; (3) affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common Read more about Love=Respect.[…]

If you plan to go to school, why not plan to not get pregnant?

As October begins, we reach the halfway point of another semester. There’s mid-semester grades to worry about, and there’s the five projects and papers due next week, and it seems that you’re just now getting into the swing of things. So, now would be a terrible time to get those unexpected two little lines on Read more about If you plan to go to school, why not plan to not get pregnant?[…]

May: Raising Awareness for Teen Pregnancy Prevention

If you’re reading this, you are probably aware of the effect pregnancy has on teens. However, as National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month comes to a close, it’s important we reflect on what we can do year-round to continue the conversation on pregnancy prevention among young adults. This matter affects each and every one of us, Read more about May: Raising Awareness for Teen Pregnancy Prevention[…]


Drum roll, please………………………………… You’ve heard me talking about this thing…called a website for our work with preventing unplanned pregnancies.  THIS IS IT!  Well, this is not really it.  But it will be “it” in a few days when I can get some things added. I’m so excited.  #thearkansascampaign #may4nationalday #whatadaytostart   Angela